Jan Piatlicki

Baranavichy, Belarus

I know, that You are always with me

With these words ends one of the Christian songs, that we performed with a band at the Christian music festival in our home town of Baranovichi. About 1,000 people were present in the House of Culture hall at the concert of worship. According to some of the guests, we learned, that this performance shook people a lot. And not only youngsters. Older people came out and said: "Well, the concert was so good, so I want to go to the temple!" :)

And just at that moment I realized the reason of why I exist. After all, I was born in a family of practicing Catholics, so I was a regular guest at the church at an early age. I have always felt the presence of God in my life. First of all, as a good father, who always gave his hand, when you fall. Second of all, while becoming a teenager, as a best friend with whom you can even talk sincerely. But how could I thank God for this everlasting love?

The first thing that came to me – it is always to be close to Him. In joy and sorrow. In the achievements and failures. Prayer, sacraments, regular church attendance – these are medicine, that help me deal with the difficulties of my life and with my bad habits. And family. After all, only community, that shares your views and that want only the best for you, can guide you on the path to holiness. Of course, you meet difficulties. You meet even misunderstandings between you and The Almighty God. And I have passed through it more than once. But even in the difficult moments you need to stay close to Jesus.

The second thing – is those talents, that The Lord gave me. And using them you have to praise Him in front of other people. For me – it is the music, which I hear since childhood, thanks to my mother-organist. And she is also a great teacher, who sent me to a music school. We didn’t have the worship band, but then a young priest came to our church, his name was f. Alexander. He organized our young people. So I found a way to worship Jesus not only by other people's songs, but also by the songs, written according to my experience.

Now I share this story with you, my dear friends. I share the story about the meeting with Jesus, who is always with you. And always with me. So I continue my personal pilgrimage to Heaven. And I also improve my musical knowledge in order to a lot more people have learned about this everlasting love. The love, that Father has given us.

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