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Paris, France

God reveals to a cyclist champion his life movie!

During the whole period up to my sports successes and despite my winnings, I felt somewhat disatisfied, a deep space together with a deep loneliness : so all my successes did not fill my heart.

The divine meeting

One day, with hesitation I passed through a church doorway with hesitation. I was not here for the meeting, nothing on the sort! On the contrary I layed low as it was possible, so I was in the last rank for not bringing attention.  

I realized that my sport was sometimes dangerous, and I made with my words this internal pray : “God, protect me for any accident during this new season 89!” Then I said to myself that it should be better if I also closed my eyes for pray as all these people…  

That was I made and then, suddenly, I was gripped by an invisible presence ; this was more powerful that I couldn’t open my eyelids. I was like paralyzed on my chair. All in me was wrapped with a brillant light while my eyes were well closed. It was a sensational light and so powerful as the sun around me. In the middle of this light, there was in front of me like a high whiteness screen, and I was shrouded by a such of purity presence ; it was a like a miror which was raised in front of me .     

Revelation of my life’s movie

In this miror I saw my soul : I saw how black was my hear, and facing this revelation, the proud champion I was felt down on my knees in front the greatness and holy of God.  I felt very small and powerless in front of Jesus Christ’s majesty. In less than one minute, I saw in my mind the movie of my life, all I made and made mad since I was a kid, all things which upset God. A profound conviction of God’s existence was born in me. His presence was so mighty that I began to cry. I could’t stop crying, I regretted all the harm I made with all these years I rebelled against the Lord : that’s calling “the sin”.

I was gripped by a deep sadness because of my behavior which offended Him : living in immoralité, without any spiritual value. In my consciousness, I felt guilty of living in the sin and the revolt, so far from God.

A pastor reveals my life

At that time, pastor Guy Bergamini who chaired the meeting spoke under a divine inspiration. He said “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”(Bible : Mat 16.26)

God took control of that meeting, because the preacher did not know me and told exactly and with precision all my secrets, even the closest. I understood that I could not hide anything to God, He knew me so perfectly! I was upset against His glory.         

It argued deep inside of my soul as a sound of torrent of water! I was satisfied that I needed a Saviour because my soul was lost.  

If I could describe with my low words the revelation I experimented that evening, it should be : “It is a personal meeting with a lovely God.”  

This divine love flowed like a river for filling all of me. This Jesus Christ who loved me was available for me, by knocking softly on my heart’s door. On January 19th 1989 at 8.30 pm, in this small room placed at 16 Joffre Street, Thionville, in this church, I opened my heart for the first time to the Son of God, risen Jesus Christ and I invited him for becoming the SavioVur of my soul!  

I can say with conviction : “God found me”.

Then I decided to leave the professional career which was proposed to me for becoming a shepherd.

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