Kenneth Hjortland

Bergen, Norway

Are you listening to God?

It is late in the evening, a cold friday in Bergen, Norway. The 14 year old boy is walking home. He is in a foul moud. His bike has just been stolen from him while he was attending a christian youthgathering. Suddenly he runs into a classmate. This is not someone he usually talks to. They belong in very different cirkles. The classmate is known for fighting, stealing, and more, not the kind of company a christian kid prefers. But they start talking. He tells the classmate the story of the stolen bike, and that his friends from church had suggested to raise som money to help him buy a new bike...

During the weekend and next week the classmate thinks a lot about this meeting. He is stunned of the difference betweeen his own friends, and the friends from this church. His friends would be the one stealing, not someone who would help if something was stolen...

God is whispering to the boy without a bike. "Why don't you ask if your classmate would like to join you to church?" He is obedient to God, and asks his classmate. The classmate has been thinking a lot, and is ready to go...

This happened in 1982. I had just moved to the city from a small place across the country. I had all the wrong friends, and the conversation with my christian classmate became a turningpoint in my life. I found new friends, and I found Jesus.

Let us jump ahead to 2009. I am at work as a registered nurse amongst the most rundown drug addicts in the city. When I ente a shelter God starts to speak to me. He turns my attention to a woman sitting in a corner. There is nothing special about her, and I could not understand why God wanted me to speak to this woman. I asked a colleague if she knew anything about this woman. She does, and arranges a meeting between us. It turns out that this woman is about to commit suicide, she has many hurtfull experiences in her life, and cannon see anyother solution. In my life there are a few lowpoints. It turns out that I could use some of my own bed experiences to help this woman. A few years later, she told me that this day became a turningpoint in her life. She decided to live, and make something good out of her life.

God can use our sorrows, our bad experences, our losses, to help other people. My friends stolen bike was important to lead me to God. My losses in life became important for the woman I met.

My frien, an I both listened when God whispered to us. We were both obedient to God. Both of us was used by God to meke good changes in soeones life.

Are yuo listening to what God is whispering to you? He loves ypu, want you to get to know him, and wants you to become one of His diciples. Are you listening?

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