Valérie Roué

St-Symphorien, France

God loves me ... He loves you too

I have felt attracted to Jesus even from my childhood : as a little 4 year old girl the birth of this baby drew me to him. I was to grow up with this desire to know more about the life of jesus, and i wanted to walk him without knowing why.

I gave my life to him

I went to the catholic church until my first communion. I loved these solemn moments ; I was trying to touch the sky through the stained glass windows. My teenage years arrived, with questions, confusion, and fears… But God was there, il coult really feel him near ! I constantly talked to him, He knew everything about me, but i did not yet sense him taking care of my life. However at 18 years old, during a time of huge distress, i was falling to pieces and called to him for help… and finally gave him my life. I lived out this experience in the secret of my heart because i coult not share the news with my family, who would be unhappy about this kind of spiritual life.

One husband, 5 children, 1 taken

Very quickly after this, God brought my husband and i together. He is an evangelical protestant. So i "timidly" joined a new family in Christ, but rather kept my distance. I often had issues with people around me. Very shy, i was linving in my "bubble" with MY God, the only One who could listen to me ans understand me. Today, He is the On who has made me able to cope with life on this earth and to believe in him, and access eternity beside Him. We had 5 children, including one who was taken to be with Him…

A heart-felt voice for Jesus

I believe in God's miracles. I was morbidly shy and had to this state in ways which often put me in ridiculous situations. In fact, i was afraid of everybody. I had to escape reality all the time and take refuge in my "bubble". About 4 years ago we set up a gospel group at church. I lauched myself into this… During the music festival, after singing some songs with the group, i found myself alone on the stage. When a man on a bicycle rode past, i surprised myself by singing to him a song i did not even know, and i felt so much compassion for him, and a huge longing for him to shout out to God from the depths oh his being… After this i no longer trembled at the microphone and i sang loudly, which i could never do before. I discovered a buried voice in my heart, because il was a heart-voice which came out. That's when this new feeling for peaple, whether i knew them or not, invaded me. Singing God's Love for them released me frome my shyness.

Communicate the need to meet God

Soon after this, a song came to my quite spontaneously as i was praying. Today i have more than 40 new songs to share. I have so much encouragement to spread that i can express myselft now without fear ! Today i have the soul of a warrior ! It's because of these new feelings, compassion and love for others, a passion that all should meet God and need to believe to be saved, that i released an album for thses people. Today, my job on earth is to sing for heaven… Yes !!

"Believe and you will see…" God transforms lives. He loves us in a personal way.

If you only knew, you passing by, what God has in store as a living treasure for you !!


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