Pichaichan Vichayanon

Bankok, Thailand

My day

Chepter 1 every morning wake up and know why each feels different to me. Or we think to yourself   We are the one who will not wake up anyone in the home. Which is that everyone is out to work out together.   We have to see things like this every day, and how long to wake up my reunion with '' little ''.   Met a friend I say to you that we can do. This is also good parents leave. But back to what we do.   '' Thinking '' It's not going to wake up, I did not meet anyone. I talked a few days. Some even do not talk at all.   ** ** I'm letting parents know that it is different things to foot. Like the other day, but we do have some family blazon.   Or just doing a job, but our high school. Have to use every day :: :: People want everything to look really good.   Let us be What it does today, it is not good. I had the pleasure of going with him.   But today is a * friend * We talk about a lot more than the rest of the family. Friends everyone knows our feelings.   But people do not always know what we feel today. But how do parents love us just do not have time for our own.                                                  - In our life we ​​often see something different -.
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