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my story

It all started when I was four years old. I was in kindergarten. "Hey teacher look what I can do," I had said. I was on top of the monkey bars in Thackerville, then I jumped i was laughing all the way down then boom I hit the bottom. I had my tongue out when I bit it and i bit it hard. My tongue was just hanging on when then teacher saw me they rushed me into the bath room trying to stop the blood, but it was coming to fast as soon as I saw my tongue I passed out. I wolk up in the e.r. My mom had said that I had been asleep for 2 day and it was time tom go home. The next couple of years was okay until my dad started to go to jail. My mom stared to lock herself in the room not given  a crap about me or my siblings. My brother stared to be abusive to us. Then one day a lady came to our house. I think it was our aunt it was a little fuzzy. she took us to the lawndrey mat so we can wash our close ( at the time we only had durty clothes) Well at the lawndrey mat someone called her and reported us kidnaped so we raced back to our house fast. as soon as we get there our hole yard was full with poplice car. My sister and I started to cry. We were getting taken away from our mom. for the next year my mom did not do anything to get us back, so she did not. The last day i saw her she was crying because she knew it was the last day i would ever get to see her again. The nexts year she died at 35 year old on overdose of drugs. My big brother had gottin in jail a cupple of times so did my dad. Besides that everything had turned out good i still live with my foster mom now adopted mom and my sister and little brother live with me too.    

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