Tomorrow doesn’t belong to us

I practiced the Christian faith from distance with mixed superstitions. All that to say that I already knew God, I prayed regularly but I cannot say that I had a real relationship with Him.

Some time after my wedding, my sister and then my parents began to go to an evangelical church. My mother has been operated from a herniated disc and I was touched by the courage she showed despite her suffering. During her recovering, my sister gave her some books and some Christian teachings which seemed to encourage her.

I visit a church

To please them, I visited on a Sunday morning their evangelical church. At first sight, I was shocked by the prayers out loud, almost shouted by some people. Praise songs somehow touched me. I decided to come back without necessarily specific projects. I was married, I had a child, difficulties as everybody but no more. At the same time I thought I’m young (I was 24 at that time), I have time to take a decision about faith.

One Sunday morning, a gypsy pastor preached. His preaching was simple but it turned me out. It said indeed that tomorrow doesn’t belong to us. When he made a call to ask who wanted to make a decision to accept Jesus as Savior from his sins, I stood up, shivering, my heart beating at 100 miles per hour. Since then my life never was the same again with His Presence !

Faith is personal

My husband was not pleased with my conversion and especially with my bigger attendance of an Evangelical Church. I was hesitant. However, I realized that my commitment before God was personal, salvation too. I quickly confirmed my commitment by being baptized, for Jesus said in the Bible : “The one that believes and is baptized shall be saved” (Mark 16.16).

More than 20 years later, my husband is still not a Christian. God gives me the courage to move forward one day at a time. Regularly I see His Hand at work in my life and that of my family. I also pray aloud. I can talk to Him because God is close to me and cares for me. He helps me to change and act in a way that pleases HIm. He gives me His peace in difficult times.

I really invite you to get close to that God freely and give HIm your life.


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