Sara Metanj

Korca, Albania

Give and you will take !

Today I want to share a story with you, this is not to show what I have done, but for you to understand and act based on this example.

Sometimes, I want to ask the Lord why he allows this kind of poverty in the world while he could do something about this, but I fear he would ask me the same question: - What are you going to do?

Throughout this time, we find ourselves complaining about reality and blaming politicians or someone else. This makes us focus so much on the problem that we can’t find a solution. I want to say that you are the solution.

It’s been about one year that I am saving 50 lek from 1500 lek that I receive every day in school to eat something. Every day this 50 lek went in a box to feed the poor one day. Maybe it seems easy, but if it is, why haven’t you or aren’t you doing the same thing? I went and bought food and something that was needed. Also, since it was impossible to buy clothes, I gave some of mine and my sisters’ clothes. This experience on this day taught me in four hours something that I hadn’t learned in 13 years in school. I am studying Social Political Administration and maybe you think my school taught me this. NO!, My dear friends it is a desire for a better reality and not beautiful words that are never applied.  We are always happy when other give us something but believe me, you will find more satisfaction and happiness giving! Seeing eyes that light up, and feet that dance with joy, because in the end they had food. Arms that hug you so forcefully that you never want to leave because you gave love. Believe me, I didn’t do this to receive praise from people, but because God placed this in my heart.

True happiness is to share with others. Today I helped only 5 families, but if you can’t help 5, help only 1.

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