Robert Paolo Bernardo

Bulacan, Philippines

Second Chance

I was born in Bulacan, Philippines part of growing up i am bit loner because of my condition. I was born that my left eye was blind, In my childhood days they bully me because of what i have i though that jesus do not know about me and many times in my childhood days i ask jesus why me that i have this curse.

One day as part of daily routine in morning before going to school me with my father i drive our tricycle to the nearest jeepney station in our town on the way home i was driving the brake was broken and that time i am in steep road i try to stop the tricycle by foot but i can’t stop the tricycle is going down really fast i dont know what to do i pray please jesus save me all of the suddenly the tricycle stop i am hanging on the canal with the tall grass with it only can say to myself is thanks jesus for saving me i though that was the end of me. i though before that jesus really do not know me but all that have been change and think of it that really jesus is always on beside of me helping me on what problem that i've been encounter maybe we cannot see him but he always right here for us. And just maybe there are still a mission for me to tell some one how good jesus really are to us.

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