Nathalie Ruys

Fontenay-sous-Bois, France

God give me a child at 45!

Everything began in 2008, since we met my husband and i wanted a child, we tried everything we could but we didn’t succeed.

After attempted several times a medically assisted procreation which all failed, we didn’t gave up on our God. I still kept in my heart  the want to have a child to love, because i was 43 years old at this time. Being a mom will be wonderfull for me. I couldn’t wait .

And to give a child to my husband in sign of my devoted love for him, is the most beautiful thing that i can give to him. I let time  do its work. Knowing that something was about to happen one day but when? God’s time is not like our time on earth.

Then i went to see my doctor, who encouraged me to keep going and he advised me a gynecologist, it wasn’t the end of my journey….

Days, months and years passed and my faith was still the same, even if something was missing to our happiness. And, i was getting older, because i turned 45 years old in 2012. I was telling myself “That’s it, at this age, i wont be able to conceived,, menopause was looking at me!”

But God had a good plan for our couple because i didn’t felt something wrong, even not move in spite of my body deformation. I didn’t know  that i was expecting a baby, until this 19 January 2013 night!

What a miracle, i couldn’t let my joy exploded! I am soemotional right now, joy tears are dripping on my chicks. “ Oh thank you Lord, you protected me during all this time with my baby” i told myself.

The day after my childbirth, i went to see my daughter in the Neonatal service at the same floor as my bedroom. As soon as i seen her… i realised the gift that God  gave me: it was a grace, i had no other explanation. Nothing is really not impossible to God!

Today i am convinced , that God knew exactly what he was doing and that he had a plan. He ensured during all my pregnancy and on my baby’s life and mine too.

The life of my child, who formed  in my stomach, Grâce’s life, our daughter and all this happened whithout me paying attention. This baby was very calm and move a little bit. In Africa, we call this happy event ‘a hidden child’, which manifests on the  day of the birth only, and made his parents happiness.

To God be all the Glory for this amazing life miracle!


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