Pilchowice, Poland

I would like to

My name is Marta.  I am 13 years old.  I received Lord Jesus into my heart when I was 5.  Together with my dad, in short prayer I asked Jesus to come to my life, to forgive my sins and to make me such a person He wants me to be.

Today I see that Lord answered that my prayer.  I am sure that if I died today I would go to heaven.  Not because I am so good but because of Jesus, who died for my sins and I believed Him.

I know that Jesus is in my heart.  I often pray to Him before exams and other difficult situations in my life.

When I was 11 I read during a year a whole New Testament.  Thanks to that I could see Lord Jesus as He was.  He was good to people, saved them, rescued them from situations without the exit and forgave them their sins.  He does not change.  Today He is the same.

I would like that all my friends would know such a Jesus.

I would like everybody to invite Jesus into their hearts.

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