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Monotonous, depression and mental disorder

Monotonous, depression and mental disorder

Natural resources-Providence provides us various natural resources like-life,anatomy,organ system,consciousness,knowledge,intelligence,

foolishness,negative intelligence, various complexes(passionate want,angry,malice,ego,sex,zealous,inferiority,coward,afraid,arrogant,defiance etc.),soil,forest,water,sun,time,moon,air,sky,metal,mineral,various species etc for “life and growth”. Growth connecting to becoming in every point of view (physidal, social, mental and financial)

Possession of natural resources-Due to birth reformation and Governance system possession of natural resources are vary person to person. First to accept own possessed natural resources heartily and try to achieve more positively, and utilize it properly is way of life amusement and happiness.

Self and environment created diverse situation-   

Self created

A- -Do not praise God for own possessed natural resources.

B-Blame to others for own financial, social & physical condition.

C- Under estimate to self.

D-Do not proper utilize own natural resources.

Environmental Situation

A- Unrefined Governance system to make socio-economy balance society.

B– Natural calamity, accident, war, domestic violence etc.

Positive environmental impulses-Preachers, teachers, organizational training, near and dear positive people putting positive impulses and help to any one or group in diverse situation (physical, social, financial) created by self or environment for overcome from any diverse situation.

Mechanism of depression-In any diverse situation inside inferiority, coward, afraidness, hopeless want to enter in mind flow means thoughts by dominating to braveness, intelligence, knowledge ,courage which are flowing in mind spontaneously and continuously .Positive impulses and help of environment keeping intact the moral means brave,intelligence,knowledge, courage in mind and one can face the diverse situation and over come slowly. Generally man can not fully faith upon God for over come from diverse situation .He/She needs direct help from near and dear,preachers,environment,government in term of psycho-physical-financial .Lack of help complexes  like inferiority, coward, afraidness, hopeless dominate to normal mind or mind itself hook these complexes and one unknowingly feels monotonous or depression. Continuous depression invites mental disorder.

Impact of depression-Depression invites losses of health,, sleep,knowledge,presence of mind, work efficiency ,facial apprearance,losses of memory etc.

Remedy to over come or preventive action from monotonous or depression

A-Monotonous or depression never come, if one fully surrender to God.But it is not possible for all and all time.

B- First to make or join socio-economy helping chain by forming various committees(funding,medical,marriage,house building,acquisation,amicable on divorce etc.) in own locality or community ..

C-Heartily determine to help to other in own chain as per own potentiality related to physical,moral and financial ,and get return accordingly.

D- Take medicine by taking advice of psychotic or neurologist .Take slumber sleep by taking medicine as long it is required.

E- Chanting of “Holy Name” of Man God of own community.

F-Taking consolation from perpetual preachers or positive counselor

G-Do not mingles with negative people.

H-Perpetual preachers would open websites for consoling depression grasped people.


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