Kostia Koloda

Kyiv, Ukraine

Healer of a soul

God is the Healer

Each of us has experienced physical pain. Being sick brings discomfort and unpleasant feelings and doesn't allow us to have a fulfilling life. It is especially difficult when no medicine can help us and we must suffer. We often don't realize that there are not only physical sicknesses, but also a spiritual one. This sickness is very deceitful because its symptoms are hard to detect. At the same time, it brings us much more harm than any other ailment. The name of this sickness is sin. Why is it so dangerous? Because it not only damages our life here on earth, but also has eternal consequences, leading to suffering in hell.We take action quickly to heal our physical illnesses, but pay no attention to our spiritual condition. That was true about me.

I want to share how God has healed my soul.

I lived without thinking about the purpose of my life, just drifting with the flow. I was satisfied with my life and didn't want to change anything. I detected one symptom of my spiritual illness when I attended a summer project that was organized by Christians. It was the absence of a clear goal in my life. I realized that it was almost impossible to have a happy and purposeful life while being spiritually sick, and decided to confess my sins before God.

My life began to change right away. I stopped swearing which I had tried to do before on my own without success. It was a great miracle for me.

It was just the beginning of my healing. Soon God showed me that I had been wasting my free time. I stopped playing meaningless video games and began spending less time in social networks. I started reading more books and had a desire to study God's Word. 

Then there were changes in my attitude toward people…

I'll tell you honestly, sometimes I hated people but God has been helping me see their good qualities and teaching me to love them.

I can't heal myself because I don't have the power that God has. He is the God who knows all our spiritual ailments and has medicine for our soul.

He continues to change me daily through the Bible and other people and I believe that one day He will heal me completely. Here is a quote from a Psalm that encourages me and reminds me that God is for me:

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. (Ps. 32:8)

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