Kacie Ross

New port richey, USA

Is it my fault?

Hey my name is Kacie Ross. Im 15 years old. And I have a problem. I was Sexually abused by my grandfather and my ex boyfriend. Let me start back from the beginning. I was six years old when i went to my grandmommas house. I cant remember the exact day but I do remember it was in a early November. I went to my grandmommas for a weekend. She had work so my mom dropped me off at the house. My grandfather was home so I thought everyone was okay. I walked into the house with my mom. My mom was talking to my grandfather and was explaing everything to what i needed medication wise. He agreed and mom left. That when things got complicated. My grandfather took me into his room and touched me saying it was okay. I cried over and over again. When he finished with me he told me not to tell anyone or my mom would get hurt to. So I didn't say anything. This when on until I was 14 years old. It got so bad that anyone that tried to touch me I screamed or cried. When i was in school this boy came up to me and slapped my butt. I broke down in tears. People were staring at me. I felt so embarrassed. One of the teachers saw me crying and took me to talk. I explained to her about everything. We will call her Ms Netters. Ms Netters explained to me that it wasnt my fault and called my mom. I was terrified that my mom would dis own me or think I'm a creep. My mom came to me crying and told me it wasnt my fault. She got him arrested right away. I felt better after telling her. A couple months later I got a boyfriend. He was sweet and amazing and really really good looking. Tall, brown hair, and green eyes. We were dating for about 6 months. He always asked me to have sex with him and everytime I said no he would grab my arm or pull my hair. He forced himself on me time after time. I thought it was okay because. Well because I loved him. I told him no one day because I just wanted to spend time with him and be happy but that didnt make him happy so he would hurt me. I haven't said anything. But I'm not sure if its my fault or his. Please tell me
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