Kenny Haggard

Korce, Albania


At the time, I didn’t even recognize how lonely and empty I was. It’s much clearer now.  At seventeen, I lived day to day doing what I was “supposed” to be doing. Wake up, go to school, do my homework. It was a cold and lifeless sense I felt deep down but didn’t think about. 

My goal was to stay busy. I wanted to be doing something, anything really to keep my mind from thinking and reflecting on how colorless my life was.

How would God break into my life?  What is the purpose of being alive? Is there something more than what I was experiencing? I didn't know. How could I know?

But my life was changed, not dramatically in one moment, but the first spark of life came one Sunday morning. I planned to simply meet the parents of a girl I was going to date. God would use it to set the course of my life into relationship with Him.

I had some experience with the church as a kid and this was the same church my mom had taken my sister and I, but it had been several, several years before.

I was shocked at people who remembered me. How could it be after so many years, these people whom I did not recognize, came to me and asked me how I was, what I was doing. It melted a coldness in me and I felt like I was waking up.

They knew me. God used them to tell me about his character, God was telling me,

“I see you”

“I know you,”

“I love you”

and through them I started to think this is important. There is something real and living in a relationship with God that I knew nothing about.

I started to read the Bible, really reading it. No one forced me or told me what to read. 

This is how God began to change me from seeking Him as a distraction to seeking Him as a way of life, as the most important relationship in my life.

I've been a Christian for several years now and the most important aspect of my faith has been careful and consistent study of the Bible in the context of the local church. 

I look back and can't imagine my life without God, it took one Sunday morning for God to reach out and speak to me. Maybe reading this story is God reaching out to you?


Stop and think seriously about your life and if you were like me, just trying to stay busy because there is emptiness in your life, go to God and he will fill you with things that are real. It's not possible to be fulfilled in the world. There is only one big enough, magnificent enough to fill our hearts and that is God, the living God. My name is Kenny Haggard and this is my story.

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