Jennifer Fahnrich

Swansea, UK

How my faith gives me strength and love to share with others

Faith. People say it's a series of steps and rules that we have to abide to in order to fit the mould - I disagree. Faith has helped me in life in so many ways, but most importantly it has not prevented me from anything, but rather opened more doors for me and helped me to understand a lot more about life, how to be happy and how to make others happy. 

Coming from a very Catholic family I was blessed with the luxury of learning about God and the wonders of the love that He gives to us, every second of every day. My father is German and converted to Catholicism after meeting my mother and her family, and my mother is polish and has been Catholic all of her life. My polish grandmother taught me all I know, in the early stages of my life, about God, Jesus, Mary and all the Saints. But, unlike all my polish cousins and polish friends I was living in the UK - a very multicultural country, where my reilgion is becoming a minority slowly. 

Being picked on and harrassed at school for being a religious Catholic, God's strength was the strength that kept me from slipping away.. My polish grandmother made it her priority to teach me all she knows when I would visit her in the summer time as she knew that the purpose of my faith was more complex than that of my polish cousins. I had to defend my faith when insults and questions were fired my way, and I had to help those seeking light and God's love in their lives. 

After meeting a wonderful youth group, one summer holiday in Poland, called KSM, I was so inspired by their love for God and Jesus, that I cried at one of their meetings. My faith changed after that summer, for the better. I started to not only listen more in church to the readings and the priest's parables, but I started to relate them to, and use them in, everyday life.

Being a young person in the 21st Century is more difficult than it has ever been, but I feel that in tough times like these, we can really show our true faith and apply it to help and acept others - to love them. 

Love everyone and never take anything for granted!

God has taught me that

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