Jay Abner Aguilar

Virac, Catnduanes, Philippines

Faith on Him

I am Jay Abner Aguilar, I have a short story about my life. It is all for the Hope and Faith to God. When i was a Student i had a lots of troubles i made in my life and cause me to fall and failed. My father sees me a disappointment and its cause a big impact to what i am right  now. When i graduated college i tried to be far from them and look for a new life that can change me for better. When i was away from my family i realized that life was so hard to deal. That time i realized the worth of what my father said those words that reminds me that i need when i was alone. That time all i can do is to communicate and open to God. In every challeges and struggles that comes from me, I always put God first in facing life. God is the light when you are in darkest day of your life, the way to make your life better, and the truth cause we will never fail us. Thanks and God Bless us ALL

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