Jaakko Pirttiaho

Kangasniemi, Finland

About grace and being broken

About grace and being broken

I'm a former police officer – left under the fallen tree. Today I do spiritual work at the Finnish Bible School. I am also a father of two little boys.


I came to faith for the first time at the age of five in Helsinki in the great evangelization event. As the speaker asked them to come forward who wanted to give their life to Jesus, so did this little boy leave.


I was sixteen years old when I was a young man at a friend's request – good-looking girls in my mind. There, the older male speaker welcomed Father's home to Jesus. I felt that this was what I had longed for all my life: access to the Father.


Very quickly my faith changed to accomplish. Then, fortunately, I got my book Martti Luther's book The Freedom of Christian. After reading this, I began to understand that God would like to invite us to joy and freedom, to live with him. It was a huge relief to realize that belief is a really good and a happy thing!



Being broken..

God has us the odd paradoxical ways for us. The life of a believer is like human life is: a mix of joy, hope and trust; suffering, disappointment and fears; peace, security and health; adversity, differences and diseases; anxiety and happiness.



I, too, have had to learn that I can not keep all those balls in my hands. And then, when I had thought lost my life, so I have fallen into the arms of the loving God. At the same time I have come to know him as a real God.


I was crushed in a storm under a falling tree. My spine was damaged and my rank was broken. I have also experienced many kinds of tribulations and breakage. However, in these came so true, that it is on giving that we receive; and on losing we find. In a remarkable way, an ever richer life has been found.


Christianity is not a "hocus-pocus". I have experienced it: there is a living God, who cares, loves and misses her people. You, too. 




"It is impossible for man to give more to God than He gives to man. Even if I give to Him all that is in me, He finds a way to give me back much more than I did."


– Charles Spurgeon

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