Coming out of depression

Hello everyone :)

I grew up as a Catholic and everything went well in life. When my grandparents and mom passed away things changed for me. We used to live together in one house and I loved all of them very much. I was a Sunday goer and never had any personal relationship with God. I used to speak to him asking him things and asking him to help me and that was about it. So when my grandparents and mom passed away, I felt lonely, low and I missed them so much. Although I had my dad and sister, but it was not the same. During my growing years, my dad and I were not very close and I feel I needed to build that relationship with him.

My dad then remarried without my knowledge after a year of my mom passing away. I was unhappy because I felt he should have told me before he got married. He only told me after the marriage which took place in a different country. There were other issues that happened which caused my dad and stepmom to live separately from us. That made me feel even worse.

Not knowing what was happening to me, I felt I was good for nothing, I felt that I was a failure, I felt so low. The lowest point of my life is when I felt I could not get out of being sad. I could not pull myself to be happy. Many times I would sit and wonder what was wrong with me. I would just cry for no reason. Eventually God pull me out of this.  

For 3 days, I felt I could not help myself. When I read the bible, all the 3 days reading was telling me that I lived for Christ. So I told God, since I have to live for you, you need to get me out of this situation. I was also afraid that I might commit suicide as a I had a friend who did it.

It was during world youth day at Brazil, that I asked God why did he bring me so far away from home. Immediately I felt something came over me and it was like God giving me a brand ne confidence. He was reminding me of all my experiences and what I was capable to do. My journey of coming of out depression start d then. God revealed to me what I was going through and pulled me out. 

God reminds me every time that he loves me, he keeps telling me to trust him with his plans and to told on tightly his hands. I asked God for peace and joy in my heart which he has been pouring out abundantly to me. 

I am so much more happier and I know I have my Lord taking care of me and loving me like no one else. I have built a relationship with my father and best friend, Jesus. This is a very precious relationship for me.

I Love my Jesus and I can't live without him. No matter what happens in my daily life, I feel that my Jesus is always with me and I let him handle situations that I can't handle. My joy overflows today.

I pray and hope that you would one day have that special relationship with Jesus, our Loving God.


Thank You

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