Jacek Gawroński

Gdańsk, Poland

Lead the colorful life!

I’m greeting you from Gdańsk PL, my hometown. I was born and live here. I’m greeting you from Oliwa – the part of Gdańsk. I'm on the hill, where you can admire the view of the city and even spot the Baltic Sea. I greet you from Oliwa where we can find the archicathedral church. I’m greating you very warmly and I'm very happy now and wait impatiently to meet you in Krakow :)

My life with God has lasted for many years. For a while there have been my wife and daughters with me. It's a time without any spectacular moments which I could share with you. So when your life with God is similar, we are close to each other :)

Although when I look in my spiritual "rearview mirrow" I can see clearly God who leads me. Specially last few years when my whole family joined the Christian catholic charismatic community. There, through Christian brothers and sisters, many courses like new evangelization school or ALPHA God has renewed my faith. I could discover who He is and that He has extraordinary plan for my everyday life. I had the possibility to talk about God during classes, talk to God with young people. It was really challenging adventure. I bless Lord for each of them!

I would like to share three sentences with you. The first one is from well known scientist Albert Einstein: "Do everything as simple as possible, but not simpler". I think it’s wonderful advice for the relationship with God and for a lot of everyday life problems among people. The second is from saint Augustine: "Love! And than do what you want"! There isn't any other better summary of the gospel, maybe. Love as God loves with affection but also with respect. Start from yourself at the beginning and than share that with others. The last piece is gospel from the Bible – John 15:5. John 15:5 – find it after this reading, please. It is really a motto of my life.

By the way, I could compare the life with God to the living in the beautiful colorful world. And living without Him to the reduced black and white videos, photos. Even when you say you like them in the bottom of your heart you feel: colorfull is better. I wish all of you: lead the colorful life!

AHOJ! (latin: Ad HOnorem Jesus!)

See you in Krakow soon :)

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