Frea Kroese

Harderwijk, Netherlands

God did not listen to me!

I was so angry with God! Finally He had to listen to me! But He did not. In my own eyes I was a young woman who always obeyed God en felt so happy being His daughter. Today, I was not happy anymore! In the meantime I didn't realize what my attitude meant to my husband: I yelled at him, I condemned him. I wanted him to change and of course I was right. My husband acted not the way I wanted him to act in our relationship. This was outraging me. Everybody looked to our family, thinking: proper christian family and so busy with all their christian activities, so great! If they ever knew the whole truth about us... I yelled to God too. My heart was torned apart because of all the problems in my relationship. If God did not listen to me, than I had to find out myself. I said to God: "Okay, I give you one last chance to say anything to me, and if not, I go to have this divorce and start all over again."Dead and buried. And after a time of research I found out I am addicted to approval and I found out I had many wrong patterns of thinking and behaviour. I had to recognize and confess I sinned so much! I did not do what Jesus did, who told the truth and not forgot continuing loving others. This research changed my life. Jesus changed my life! Now, my husband and I began a new marriage. We did confess each other our sins and confess them to God. We got help to change our thoughts and behaviour. Now we live a more and more transparant lives to God and one another. I am not angry anymore for God did not listen to me. I am glad He did not listen, because if He did my life would have been ruined.

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