Franziskus Beyer

Ravensburg, Germany

If you exist - show it to me!

God has no grandchildren, and yet it's awesome to have a grandma who prays for you. And so she sent me on a mountain retreat. There I experienced besides adventures and wonderful mountain world other Christians, who spoke personally with God.   My mother gave me a bible that I read almost every day. So I was confronted with the offer which God makes us to get eternal life. At noon, I was all alone in my room, when I began to knock at his door: "If you exist - then show it to me!" Then I felt such a deep peace - I knew he was pressent.   At first, I kept the belief thing for myself and hardly told anyone about it. Only later, at the age of 17, did I make the decision to get baptized to reveal that I want to life with Jesus.   After school, I wanted to spend a year for God. I did a volontary service in ​​a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addicts in Brazil. As a preparation, I went to a Bible school. I thought I already knew everything because I grew up in a Christian family. But it turned out to be one of the most brilliant times in my life. Before that, maybe I knew the terms - now I experienced the meaning.   Another point that I did not find easy to recognize: even with a life-style outwardly, I have nothing to show off before God. I am guilty before God. I'm too proud to give everything to God. I try to be a good person on my own. But Jesus freed me and showed me that he wants to work in me and through me.   In addition, I realized that one year is not enough, because God wants us completely. But does that mean I should study theology? For me it was liberating to learn at a youth congress, God can use me in almost every profession.   So I studied paper technology and was traveling to factories around the world. Far from friends, family and brothers in the faith, I have often wondered: What am I doing here? Sometimes I did not even have a day off on Sundays and no opportunity to attend a church service. So my distance away from God got bigger in everyday life, almost unnoticed. But life in abundance should be more than working, eating and sleeping. In the few free hours I fled into the world of the Internet. I had a lot of money but no time to spend it. Although I lived in a luxurious hotel, I would have preferred a home with my family. A colleague once told me: "The chance of finding a wife here in China is close to zero!" But nothing is impossible to God: I met my dream wife in China! No, she is not Chinese, but comes from the other end of Germany. And she shares my faith and loves Jesus more than me. I was able to change jobs so I do not have to travel that much anymore. We got married and got a wonderful daughter.   Everything went perfect, you could say. But then it happened that our baby got sick 11 weeks after the birth. A tumor was discovered in her stomach, which was so large that she could no longer pee. Although we did not know how it would end in the situation, we felt carried by God through time in the hospital. A lot of people have prayed for us. After a long operation and a day that hardly felt like ending, we got our daughter back. The tumor could be completely removed and the little one is still OK until today.   I want to end my story with a quote from the Bible:   I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. And this is the confidence that we have before him: that whenever we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  1 John 5:13-14    You are welcome to write to me if you would like to contact me.


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