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Hi my names Eleanor, Im currently loving life as a university student studying religious studies and sociology. I grew up in a catholic household, and come from a big family of 5 brothers (I know, pretty crazy), but I can safely say my childhood was full of such love and joy. Growing up in a catholic family meant going to church on a sunday, saying grace at the dinner table and saying prayers every so often, and I used to go to various different retreats and see faith in action, however during my teen age years I fell away from the church, the main reason for this simply being because I had the wrong idea about what faith is about, and didnt have a personal relationship with Jesus. The summer before university, I had very little faith left and was super excited to experience the fun of university, however God had a different idea. Whilst being at a retreat I felt overcome with guilt and sadness, I knew there was some sort of emptiness within in me that i was desperately trying to fill with different stuff. I cant really explain it but I knew during a reconcilation service, that God was calling me to start again and no amount of guilt and shame can stop his love for me. During Confession I was overcome with this love that rushed through my body, I saw Jesus in the priest and I knew in that moment how loved I was. I always struggled with self worth and my identity and in that moment, God called me beautiful. After that retreat something changed within me, I had this new sense of hope. I understood that my faith wasnt just a bunch of rules, but instead was a lifestyle of worship, prayer and service. God has taken me through a beautiful process of healing and showing me my worth, and although I still struggle with a lot of things, I have this peace that i've never had before. God beautifully changed my life, and although i still go through struggles and battles, I truly understand now, what the catholic faith is about; love. 

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