Efi Dovletoglou

Thessaloniki, Greece

An unconventional love.

Since I can remember myself, I loved God. When I was 10 years old I started swimming on championships and I used to ask God to help me with my competitions and trainings. I knew he was helping me, as he was giving me strength whenever I needed, and discipline to achieve my goals. I was trying my best, winning prizes and “glory”. One day, when I was 17 years old, I remember my self after my practice that I was feeling pain in my back. I was injured and I couldn’t continue to swim professionally. I felt that I lost everything that I had built all these years with so much effort. I loved God, but what should I do then, that I couldn’t get something from him?I felt I was weak and non acceptable from God because of my failure. But God never stopped loving me for who I am, and not for all my achievements. As I was praying to him and reading his word, the Bible, I started understanding that he was giving me a selfless love. I realized then that the reason I love him is not for what he used to give me, but for what he is and for what he did on the cross for me. He still answers my prayers and gives me when I ask something, because he loves to give! My love for him from now on is stronger that ever because it not depends on any personal benefit, but it comes out from a pure love without conditions and swops. Because he is just wonderful!

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