Antonina Neilo

Kyiv, Ukraine

God of my joy

During all our life we seek happiness or a source of joy. An equal sign can be put between these two things. I have never seen anyone who was happy and at the same time joyless.

We are looking for joy all the time and when we find its source we plunge into it and feel happy. It may continue for a moment, an hour, a day, a month or a year, but it will never continue for our whole life. It will never continue for eternity.  

I believe joy is not just high spirits, a big smile or an outcome of one's personality, but a much deeper idea.

I would compare it to water. After a long walk on a hot day water is the only thing we want and one cup of it gives us incredible satisfaction. Joy allows us to experience deep satisfaction, inner peace and spiritual contentment and fullness.

We often try to find happiness through relationships with other people and get discouraged. Why? Because relationships make us especially vulnerable. People can hurt us, take off their mask and show their true face, leave us, etc.. And then we lose our joy.

I have found the secret of true joy. In the Gospel of John in the Bible Jesus says, "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink."

Some people think of God as some kind of formless substance, the first cause of all being. Some picture Him as a stern and frowning old man, others as a universal policeman who looks for opportunities to punish offenders. Some don't think anything at all and just go with the flow of the world.

My God is Jesus Christ. He is the most joyful person in the whole universe and wants to share His joy with each of us.  

Only in His presence we can have true and genuine joy that does not depend on people or circumstances.

Jesus is the source of eternal joy.

Jesus is the God of my joy.

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