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Riga, Latvia

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In my life I have strayed from the path of real life and light. I went into my own life, where the fulfillment of the soul I sought everyone else. My life was built on a foundation that collapsed with every major difficulty, and such a life was not livable. I can’t understand what prevents me from living a full life freely, what prevents me from rejoicing, loving, enjoying life and being a stable woman. 

All these endless tasks, all doing to be a free person, all these endless meditations and self-reflections. All this centrality on myself drove me crazy because I can’t do a gram. It did not seem logical to seek healing and not be healed, on the contrary, gravity came over it. With complete despair, instability, despair, this path could not be continued. Jesus called me OUT. He shepherds me, as Shepherd does. He had grazed me all my life, but I had strayed from the right path. Satan had set traps in my path, he had tried to divert me, BUT he failed because the stronger  IS my caller, my creator and creator. God had chosen me. He did everything to protect and guide me and is doing it now, every day, because I NEED a Shepherd. 

We EVER NEED a Shepherd – Jesus. Our redeemer, who has redeemed everything with his blood. Where satan no longer has power. My Shepherd, my Light – Jesus pulled me out of hell and removed the heavy burden of sin. He set me free, and now I can run with Him and know the very depths of my soul that I do not want to leave Him any more.

ALL things are possible for God. He turns death into LIFE! Alleluia!

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