Benjamin Célérier

I experimented God’s grace in Las Vegas

My name is Benjamin; I am 19 years old and this is my story…

Young years

I am born in a christian family. I was 3 years old when, in 1999, my father founded the French website I grew up knowing that God do exist, that he was there for me if I needed Him. However I found myself in a very hard and delicate position.

Middle and High School years

Too often, I was called “The son of…” instead of Benjamin, which created in me an insecurity. At 13 years old, in 5th, I began with some friends to smoke cigarettes. And, I had no conviction to stop it. I was lying to my parents. When I wanted to not lie anymore to them, I was lying to my friends ; and on and on. What began at 13 years old keep going until I finished the High School.

God, if you give me the baccalaureate, I give you the coming year

Because of my behaviour, my relationships, I ended up in my Senior year of High School with a totally uncertainty to succeed or not the baccalaureate. It was with the end of the year stress that one night I made that prayer to God : “ Lord, I am not really perfect, but if you help me and if you offer me the miracle to obtain my diploma, I will consecrate the coming year, fully.” A week after I made that prayer, the pastor Paul Goulet from the International Church of Las Vegas was visiting France. Being a very good friend of the family, he stayed in our house. During a diner, he told me : “Hey, would you like to stay one year in Las Vegas in our ministry school?” I answered “Yes! But I have to get my diploma first.” July 9th, the results came out, I had my baccalaureate, not with an exceptional grade, but I had it. August 18th, I was on a plane going to Las Vegas.

Infinity mercy of our God

In the airplane, I spent time with God and I told him : “Lord, I left behind me, cigarette, and bad parties, drugs ans all the bad stuffs that I made. Lord, I want to be freed from any kind of addictions. I want this trip to be a new beginning, renewal in my life.”

God did it, I spend an amazing year in Las Vegas where I really experienced the deep mercy of God.

Despite my mistakes, I realized that God never gave up on me.

If he did it for me, he can do it for you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question.


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