What If

What If?


“Tom, time to go to school!” said Tom’s Mum. Tom came and sat on the chair next to the table.

•“But Mum, what if I’m late to school because the bus decides to break down?” “Then I would send my magical magicians in their invisible cars to drive you to school! Trust me they go zoom just like race car!” replies Toms Mum. 

•“ But Mum what if Jeffrey steps on a tube of glue again and it sticks the door shut and we can’t get in?” Toms says back.  “then I would get superman to burn a massive hole in the door so you can get in” Mum replies.   •Tom says “but what if when we sat at our desk they started to fly around the room?”  then Mum says “then I would come along and start playing air tiggy and pretend to be aeroplanes!

Don’t worry Tom you’ll be fine!

“Bye” Tom said, and he slowly walked off to school.


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