Jesus is my Therapist

Until the age of 20 I used to live in darkness: self-abuse, alcohol, cigarettes, soft drugs in high school, then sex. From about secondary school I often had suicidal thoughts. I broke up a lot of friendships. Suicide attempt was a turning point. Then I spoke first ever pray directly to God: ,,If my life has a meaning, purpose, please show it to me.". God heard the prayer immediately, because soon after that I came to the community of Christians, who surprised me with their kindness and warmth. That same year, the first pilgrimage, the Mass with a prayer for healing, new studies, and finally the course Alpha and the community of people with whom I am till today, among whose to this day Jesus is building my faith and healing all wounds, which I've got in life. He also heals my relationships with people. Although the temptations are still the same and still it happens to me to fall, it doesn't really matter any more, because He gives me courage, hope and belief that life with him has a MEANING, and best of all – I see the fruits of prayer and effort, not just mine, but others. With Him, bringing the cross of my weakness and illness – depression, anxiety and loneliness, is a great adventure. I realized that my downfalls are not coincidences, because they heal me from judging other people. God forgave me a lot, gave identity and showed what Love is. I gave my life to Him. Now I think it is a miracle.

,,Then Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”…'' Luke 7:48

Isaiah 54:4-10

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