Vanessa Daniel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

He Who Makes My Wrongs Right

Hi! I’m Vanessa Daniel. My relationship with God is good but mostly a glorified mess!!! :) I believe and doubt. I love and hate. Adore and detest. Embrace and reject. Yearn and resent. Yes, a mess. Yet God in His infinite compassion and endless mercy, seems to understand. He has never ever, not even once, given up on me. He lets me make mistakes I need to make. Then, gives me the courage to fix them. He always makes my wrongs somehow right. He holds my hand when I fear. Stands with me when I need to fight. Protects me when I’m in danger. What He refuses to do is let me go. Ever. Sometimes I wish that He would, because it is easier not to have this voice constantly nudge me. But I am glad that He doesn’t. So, thank you Lord, from the bottom of my heart, for being my truest friend.   

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