Tjaša Medved

Domžale, Slovenia

I need to talk about God

I was born in a religious family. At the time I thought that meant they were Christians but looking back I am not sure that is true. However, my grandmother had a lot of faith. She was full of joy and was often talking about her love for God. Besides her I had not seen anyone so full of faith.  I always wanted to become like her; trusting and praying to God and because of that to be an optimistic and happy person. However, my family never really talked about God together. So I felt alone in this desire. I was baptized, I went to katakism and I attended church almost every Sunday. And I thought that is what made me a Christian. Now I know that this doesn’t make someone a Christian but I think this was my only way to stay in touch with God. I thought that God would love me more if I was a good person, kind, and always happy. But now I know this will not change God's love for me, because He loves me every second of my life, even if I am not perfect. But something was missing. My life wasn’t perfect and I wanted something more, and I had so many questions. I was just living day after day, and I didn’t really know what I was living for.  I was scared of dying. Because I thought my life would be over forever and it gave me a feeling of anxiety.

But things started to become better when I met my American friend Sally. She worked for a Christian Student Organization. We began to talk about important things. About things that matter and that can change our lives forever. That can give us eternity. And I was really happy. This group helped me to grow and build a  strong relationship with God. I wanted to talk to people more about Jesus but the main obstacle was that I didn’t know God very well.  I attended Bible studies and joined a Key volunteer meeting where I learned how to share the message of Jesus with other people. At the beginning I was really scared of this, but so far I had a few conversations with my family and friends. I have had the opportunity to share with them that it is more than just knowing about God but it is about having a relationship with Him.  Now I know that He loves me no matter what I do. Now I am 100% sure that I will have eternal life because I have faith and because he loves us so much that he sent us his only Son to die on cross for us. My life has meaning now but I am still growing and the best thing is that I want to grow more every day. Now I am sure that he has complete control of my life and I am sure that everything happens for a reason, because He knows what is the best for us.

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