Tiana Weaver

Vilnius, Lithuania

From loss to love.

I grew up in a very loving family. I have two younger siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. My family was a great source of strength and encouragement growing up. However, when I was about 13 years old my parents divorced. It  felt like my world was falling a part. It was a time of great pain and as a response I grew up quickly.


An Unusual Invitation 

In my second year of studies a classmate invited me for a student meeting at his church. He was a good looking guy and Ithought maybe he likes me so I went. But the funny thing is that I only saw him for a couple of minutes. 


A Change of Heart

Instead, I met a gal named Cheryl and she was a very safe person to talk to. I shared my story with her and she asked me a very important question. She asked, “Had I ever accepted Christ into my heart?” I stopped and searched my whole head and my heart. But I knew they were empty and I didn’t want to answer that question. The rest of the evening went on and someone spoke. But I don’t remember anything that they said. 

Cheryl and I continued our conversation and she shared some things about a relationship with God that I had never heard. She was led back to ask that same question, “Had I ever accepted Christ into my heart?” Again, I stopped in that moment and I searched my whole head and my whole heart. But I knew that they were empty. I knew that God was not a part of my life and I told her that. She very gently asked, if that was something that I wanted and I said, “Yes!” That evening I began a relationship with God. 


Love Through Relationship

You know it wasn't until I walked through an empty, dark parking lot where I sat in my car and for the first time I experienced the love of God. I felt my heart filled with more love than I could have asked for or imagined. It was through a relationship with Jesus that I experienced God’s love. That 15 years later I could tell you that I could continue to experience this love. That it wouldn't depend on what I do or don’t do, on what I say or do not say. But that it depends upon who God is. The fact that his love for us never fails, it never disappears. 


A Love to Share

It is this love that has overflowed into a love for people and is the reason I now live in Lithuania. I’m excited that I get to share this love that God has for people. Not that I have everything figured out,, but this one thing I know that God’s love changed my life. Would you like to know more about God’s love? We all are on a journey and we all have a story. I’d love to be that safe person that you could share your story with. E-mail me and we will connect!


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