Theresal Pereira

Selangor, Malaysia

Healing Grace - God Loves You Too

Deeply rooted in faith – That was the message for WYD Madrid 2011 and that's where I'm at.

My testimony goes back to 2006 when I was in a relationship with a childhood cathecism mate (divorced Muslim), which by law would require me giving up Jesus to have a future with him. What seems to be rosy had turned almost into a physical abuse nightmare, Holy Spirit gave me signs to end it. Consumed with vengeance and hatred for men, I lived a lifeless routine, burying myself long hours at work, attending weekly masses with no love.

Healing came when I met a wonderful man at my best friend's wedding – me being a bridesmaid and him a best men. Attending Divine Mercy healing sessions and love support given by him, I've experienced the gentle touch of the Holy Spirit for the first time. Though my journey with him was short lived for 9 months when he past away suddenly, depression had driven me into a lifeless state and I've questioned God's reasoning for taking an angel too soon. Suicidal thoughts were constantly on my mind.

With the demise of my papa in early 2011, I had answered the call for Spain and my life was never the same. Through the darkest hours of my life, Jesus called for purity of heart and body, through Theology of The body. Ashamed with all the stains of sin and deeds, this call was only possible after I had decided a total surrender to the Lord. I'm more rooted in my faith through formations, pray more than I've been before, and deeply passionate of my music ministry; rest are just secondary.

My wish for you… that you won't surpass anyone who tried to approach you when you're at the lowest point of your life. It might be Jesus coming in form of a person to see you through it all.

God bless ??


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