Susanne Walz

Freiburg, Germany

What do you need to be satisfied?

My name is Susanne, I´m 26 years old and my family background is catholic. I got to know Jesus during my studies. Before that happened I have always believed in God, never doubting that He existed. Faith was important to me, but I didn´t understand at this time what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus, why He died for us and why he rose from the dead. In the Spring of 2011 I moved to Freiburg to study elementary education. I still can remember the thoughts and hopes that I brought with me: I really want to enjoy the student life, experience adventure, have a great time, and be open for whatever happens! Within a short time, I made many good friends with whom I could just be myself. We did a lot of things together and partied a lot. Besides that I met people who believed in God, but in a way that was different than I had ever known or seen before. For example they read the Bible, prayed to God and talked about her faith. This challenged me to question my faith, how I had been living my life and brought me to start seeking out God. A good friend took me along a Christian student group called Agape. I went to their weekly meeting and shortly after took part in an Alpha Course. It was here where I could sort out all of my questions, fears and doubts. The more I got to know Jesus, the more I could realized that my life seemed to fall short. For example, I realized that the party life only gave me a superficial satisfaction, good grades at college were also only short-lived satisfaction. Similarly, I realized that people could not fulfill all of my expectations and desires. Deep within me, my heart was seeking out a greater purpose and sense of fulfillment in my life which was connected with the question: Who alone can fulfill my desires? In my everyday life, in prayer, through reading the bible, going to church I realized that Jesus can give me everything I need. He loves me and you unconditionally, died for each one of us so that we would be free from sin and could, therefore, have a relationship with Jesus und eternal life. He is the only one who can satisfy our desires! For this reason, I have decided to live my life with Jesus. My life is not perfect. There continually highs and lows. My wishes and desires still exist but I am learning to deal with them. I know where I need to go with dem and who can satisfy them, God!

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