Jezus set me free

I was brought up in religious family. Since I was a child I have had some knowledge about God. Every Sunday I was in church and pray in the morning and evening. I must say that it was helpful somehow but it was not enough and doesn’t have much influence on me. When I was 13 and later on in my life there were parents, school, church, I was good pupil. On the other hand there were pals, parties, getting drunk and marihuana. My life was full of contradictions. At some time I realized that i was still looking for something and I was still missing something, I couldn’t be happy. I wanted to change something but without success.

When I was 18 I came to church where I heard few simple sentences saying that God loves me, He wants to be my friend. If only I trust Him, He will change my life and bring me to Himself. I had heard similar words before but that times they had not moved me and I hadn’t realized their meaning. I was afraid to trust God, I was concerned that he would thwart my own plans. Despite such doubts I said to God: My Lord, come what may bit I don’t want to live under my own steam. Do something with my life, I entrust you with it.

After that events something reordered in my head. I was overtaken by peace I have experienced never before. God became close. I felt loved by Him and accepted, I was not afraid of Him.  Jesus gave me power to break free from my colleagues influence, I stopped to care what they thought and said about me. I also stopped to getting drunk and smoking weed. Jesus gave me courage to be oneself and live by my own beliefs, not by what others expect.


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