Sigi Klose

Giessen, Germany


My mother´s death changed my life completely. When she was 44 years old, breast cancer was diagnosed. It was a shock for our family. For me, a 22 year old student, she was the person I loved most. I tried to help her in any way, to comfort and to encourage her. The times between being in hospital and at home were full of tension between hope and desperation. To see her suffer so much was not easy to take.

The pastor´s wife helped me a lot. To talk and pray with her comforted me. But inspite of our prayers and our hope that God would help my mother died. I was with her till the end.

When she died I realized God´s presence, because she died in deep peace, very quiet. I had the impression that Jesus was taking her by her hand and was leading her into his kingdom. She was completely without fear, and this was different from people dying in films. I really was comforted seeing this. I knew that she is now in heaven and without pain and sorrow. When I was 20 years old, I had decided to trust Jesus and to follow him. My mother had made this decision 1,5 years later, too.

As I am the oldest of 3 siblings, I had to take care of our family. Though I did not know why my mother had to die so early, I experienced God provision for us. No, it did not fall from heaven, God helped us in a natural way through people who helped and cared for us. Once I found an envelope with money for the hairdresser on my car´s wind-screen. Of course I was happy because I still was a student.

Later in my life there were also some more difficult situations, for example a heavy car accident and illness. But God was always there as my helper, my provider and being with us in the midst of our troubles and leading us safely through all problems.

If you also want to receive God´s providence and help in your life or if you have questions concerning my story, I would be glad hearing from you.

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