Shweta Singh

Delhi, India


Life is always being a field of ground where everyone has to walk on roses as well as thorns. You might have seen the birds and their small nests. Have you ever imagined that those tiny little wings creature are capable to build their small beautiful house, only for their little ones. Chirping around everyday searching sticks, herbs for building their  house of life isn’t so easy but still they seem to be the happiest race through my eyes. Even my life was not so easy, my mom, a beautiful hard working woman and my Dad, the most supportive husband to my mother and a perfect employee to his Organization were super excited to welcome me. Inside my mother’s womb, it was me who was thinking when to get out of my small world. My current world was very small, i can’t even spread my legs properly here, i always have to wait for my mother to eat first then it used to be my turn. I always knocked her, just to inform her that i want to get out of this dependent world to the independent world where i can see whatever i want to , though i haven’t generated the voice in my vocal cords but still i wanted to cry hard. Various kind of feelings used to arise in my mind at that time. Slowly slowly i started hating my small dark world. I wanted to see the sunshine, i wanted to see my parents, how they look like ? , where do i live ? how is the place ? and many more . I started growing and now the space inside was not adjustable for me, it was high time. It was time for me to visit the Big world outside. I started kicking and pushing  the wall of the womb and hence which caused immense pain to my mother . She started shouting out of pain, after a while i heard my father saying to my mother ” I think our baby is about to come” . I was happy , i couldn’t stop my excitation . Those feelings are commendable for me. My father took my mother to a hospital , Hospital, a place where so many people will help to come out of this small world in a proper way. Yes ! finally it was the time, my mother was asked to push, she was crying a lot and i don’t know where that pressure was coming from and suddenly i was dragged out after a long struggle. Oh my God ! I was out , really is it true ? A man took me in his hand and then i was wrapped with a towel. The first question came to my mind, where is my mother ? How she look ? then suddenly i saw a lady lying on a bed, yes lord! she is my mother. She is just a beautiful angel <3 My mother . Wow ! I came to the big world , everyone was happy. I saw my handsome father, he was super excited about my arrival. I was watching with my tiny eyes and was trying to understand the big life outside.  It was amazing, i saw the sun shining above me, everything was beautiful. Few were happy , few were making weird expressions .I never understood why ? They starting gossiping something like , omg ! it’s a girl, First baby is girl what will happen now etc etc . I never bothered because i was only focusing on the celebration which was organised by my parents for my arrival. I felt luckier then suddenly i was hungry now what should i do i wanted something to drink because teethe were still pending  inside me. So, i thought to cry loud as a symbol of hunger. Immediately my mother started feeding me with her milk, i was loving this life everything was so beautiful and  full of life. First day in this big world was awesome, now starts the second  day again with a beautiful smile of my amazing mother. I was again starving , so as usual i used the symbol of hunger to gather attention of my mother. I was over excited but something was wrong with me, which i was not able to caught. Inspite of feeding for long i starved every time.  What is going on with me, i ignored that, however on the third day i saw my mother was having a serious conversation with my father. I don’t know what exactly she was speaking to him about me. After an hour i was taken to the same hospital where i was born. I was scared, i thought will they again send me back to the small and dark world which is inside my mother’s womb. I was worried now, then my mother left me on a bed as she was instructed by one of the man in the hospital. What is going on ? I was not able to understand, i started giving the same symbol to my mother but she never came to me. My father brought some white and black papers and there they started discussing on some intestine topic. What is intestine ? i was dying to know the reason why i was brought here again, a man in a white coat was saying to my father that your baby need to be operated because her intestine is not connected properly to her stomach. I was like what ? After hearing to that long conversation i realised that something is wrong inside my stomach and due to which i was not able to excrete. My mother was crying, my father was really upset and that was my third day in this big world. What should i do now ? Suddenly the man in a white coat came and pinched me with a sharp pointed needle, it was hell, my tiny hand with thin skin couldn’t bear it. I cried louder, i needed my mother but she was not allowed to meet me , i felt sad, i was hopeless. Within an hour they started injecting me some bottle of water, i think . Every drop was painful to me, then i realised that the small life inside my mother’s womb was much more beautiful and less painful. There i was not aware about the flaws in me everything was perfect, i feeling bad now. Next hour i will be operated and i don’t know what will be the outcome whether i will survive or i will be sent back to the door of god again. Lots of questions were arising in my mind,i was totally confused and lorn.  What happened next continues in next part……….

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