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How Did a Pandemic Flu Shot Resulted Into Causing Narcolepsy

Europe in the year 2009 faced a risk prone situation with over half the population being affected by H1N1 influenza Pandemic Flu. While the continent was experiencing a gloomy situation with people affected every year; the medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies were busy formulating drugs which could effectively handle and erase the infection. People saw a ray of hope with the scientists successfully coming up with a vaccine which was lab tested and verified safe for curing the effects of the flu. Much to the expectations of both the patients and the researchers while the vaccine successfully cured the influenza; it came up with another much debilitating and incurable condition known as Narcolepsy.

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is recognised as a condition where a person encounters situation of difficulty in night sleeping but are overpowered with excessive daytime sleepiness which keeps them facing hurdles in every task they commit. This syndrome is unluckily accompanied by a sudden muscle cramp or weakness that arouses from a sudden strong emotion such as laughter or anger and prevents the person suffering from steady physical movements. The irrecoverable sleep disorder are usually common among children and adolescence who prefer engaging in social networking sites, night chats and others but are overlooked in primary stages being considered as an age effect.

GSK’s Pandemrix resulted into narcolepsy

The instance which happened in 2009 in Europe was not because of a person being too much negligent about night sleep developing Narcolepsy; but it was the Pandemic flu vaccination; popularly known as Pandemrix; which resulted into over 1300 over who received the vaccination developing Narcolepsy. Pandemrix vaccine was manufactured solely by the internationally leading pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK); who later acknowledged the problematic link and made sure to provide with sound compensation to the patients and their families who has received the vaccine. However; the reason which gave birth to such an unforeseen situation from the product of such a leading company which has earlier come up with miraculous drugs, remained unanswered.

Initiative to explore the cause of  the unexpected side effect

With the quest of being the first to give an answer to the causes which probably turned down the use of Pandemrix being associated with such a serious side effect like narcolepsy; Researches working on a paper in STM, better known as Science Translational Medicine stated that it is certain chemical changes which resulted in the brain from the Pandemrix being injected that gave rise to such an unfortunate situation.

Mechanism of the vaccine’s role in narcolepsy explained

Better explaining and validating their point, the team of scientists researching on this injection stated the mechanism in a brief. They stated that the vaccine Pandemrix possess the ability to trigger antibodies which might be responsible for indulging into a bond with a brain receptor that plays the essential role of regulation one’s sleep. The medicinal chemical of the injection could have affected the action of these anti-bodies preventing them from making contact with the brain receptor for ensuring a sound night sleep.  Such a situation triggered the autoimmune reaction eventually leading to narcolepsy in more than those 1300 people who received the vaccine.

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