Toilet my mom would get so drunk that she would drink until she vomited that be the only way she'd Stop My mother had her front teeth removed and had a partial denture in the front and one of the nights when she decide to drink she of course and through the evening and then at the end of the night decided just started to vomit You knew what she was vomiting that the wild night was over that you were in the clear at this point because she was no longer drinking in kind of in a incapacitated state She was kneeling by the toilet and I came to check on her and she said I've lost my partial it's in the toilet I haven't flushed it yet because I don't want to lose it I don't have money to get a new one She said you're going to have to reach in there because your hand is smaller than mine in and find it I looked in the toilet and I saw it was completely filled with vomit the water was cloudy it looked disgusting it had chunks of food it wishes the grossest thing you could ever see it was a toilet full of vomit I said I didn't want to do it and she said you have to do it she yelled at me and said she was going to beat me if I didn't I was so upset I didn't want to do it but I feel like I had no choice So I rolled up my sleeves and put my hand in the water it was so cold and disgusting and just terrible I started to reach in there and I could not find it and I wasn't getting out of this so I knew I better I just tried to find it My fingernails scraped up something on her own like some gel that was on the bottom of the toilet I could feel it building up under them like as if I was scooping up glue where it's probably crap who knows so after about a few minutes of me digging in the toilet My mother started to laugh and I looked at her and she said something somethings biting me And she just laughed and laughed and I sort of looked to because I didn't know what she was laughing about and then she pulled the partial out and said oh I hit it in my bra it wasn't in the toilet after all I felt so stupid I just was angry too and I was relieved and glad it was over but you just try to move on after something like that happens you can't hold onto it you know there was no choice to hold onto it.

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