Norris Andrew

The loner

Hi, I'm Norris Andrew and this is my story. I have been diagnosed with major depression, I have thought of suicide before I have attempted it once well three times actually. Many people who i thought were my friends turned out to change their minds and abandoned me those who I thought were my friends mocked me when I was goin through this conflict many had sad comments such as R.I.P Norris or see you in hell it got to me really bad it hurt me because I then relized that I'm actually alone. But this is how it all started. I've grown-up in a life where you are supposed to grow up fast and learn how to be a man, my family has abused me with verbal feedback saying stuff such as Go to hell or I regret having you or your a disappointment and my favorite (not really ) your worthless. I was told to keep my emotions inside because I would get hurt more if I let it out so I kept it in and this year I got ten times worse I started to break down and become destructive to objects and myself attempted to take my life a way and destroyed my life I gave hope I lost my faith and I lost my love for God my life is not easy but it's not terrible other people are going through something worse as you read this. But it's just that life hit me way to hard and now I'm just not even going to try to get back up I'm done and I'm not sure if I want to continue to feel sorry for myself.
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