Emran Khan

Was it love?

Some months after my breakup I was so filled with self-loathe and self-pity that I forgot the meaning of the word "trust". I became depressed and got dignosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. That was the time I met a girl, I instantly got fond of her. I felt like she was also interested in me, cos she kept saying things that made me feel like she's flirting, I expressed my love for her, but she said she only looked at me as a friend. And that I couldnt be anything more than being just a "friend" but I took it positively, it was the time when she told me she is interested in someone else and that was when I stopped being in contact with her, and in return, she blocked me and started getting angry at me for deciding to not be her friend anymore. She would say things like "fuck you for ruining our friendship" and that she never wanted to sort things out between us. Now she says that I disgust her and that she hates me... I dont even know what's with her, she told ppl she couldn't care less about me deleting her and stopping contact with her, and then she reacts like this.... What was it? Was it love? Did she feel something for me? I wake up with this question everyday....

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