Navindran Rajendran

KL, Malaysia

My Faithful COnversion!!


My name is Navin and today i would like to share with you about the journey of my faith and how i got to know Jesus, how i got to love Jesus and how i received him whole heartedly. I grew up as a Hindu, uparenting and religion, nevertheless I was never a consistent or a faithful believer. I grew up technically with no religion in my life until i met my life partner, whom you say see in a video as well. My partner brought me closer to Jesus. She taught me what the church community is all a bout. I enjoy being with the church community, thats one. Nevertheless i felt i needed to learn more about the catholic faith. So i decided to join Alpha which is a basic christian course. Alpha helped me understand who this Jesus was and what he does for us every single day. That was not enough, and a year ago i decided to join RCIA, and the RCIA got me to understand what being a Catholic is all about. There were still questions of do i want to convert or be baptised. It did give me my answer and my decision was a Yes. The past easter, i was baptised and it was truly amazing. I learnt and understood how community accepts and love us. Yes, that was my journey and a truly amazing one.

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