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Should I Give Up My Girlfriend?

I'm Naggie H. Let me speak out about my love story. 

Where should I start first? 6years ago, I fell in love with my girlfriend. She was in high school. I was a very shy person. I rarely out on a date with her. We always texted from time to time. I knew she wanted a real couple who could enjoy the time with her and hanged out with her. Two year later, she was in university. It was a toughest time in my life. Her classmate had a crush on her. They sure were a perfect match! They had the same hobby. My gf always talked about her classmate and said he can do everything for her and even took care of her. Then they were in love behind my back. I was crazy and did something so horrible to myself. I almost died though. I won her back…


It has been 4years up to now. I realized I shouldn't have taken her with me. I can't give her happiness. She can't enjoy her life. We were planning to go abroad together and start fresh but it seems like it doesn't go well as plan. I got the visa and left first but the embassy kept reject my gf visa. She's so lonely now. She doesn't know how to start a fresh life there because I had been sticked with her the whole times. I'm such a useless person. I can't help my gf with an idea. I can't protect her. I can't make her happiness. 


Should I let her go now? It must sound so unfaithful. But recently, I went through her classmate profile. He's so success now. I want to ask him to be with my gf again but I must be crazy. Why should I do that? Am I that useless? I should prove that I can make her happiness. 


Dear girlfriend,

Can you ask me for help anytime you need?

I want to be your superhero. I do feel upset sometimes because you never want to be my partner. You said you want to do business, I want to help you out.

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