Mikaela Bernardo

Rededicating my life to GOD

As i grow up i began to turn my back to what i was taught. I decided to manage my own life. I wanted to try the pleasures offered all around me. I did a lot of crazy things. Things i know were not pleasing to God. I thought that by doing those things i can become the best person i can be. People see me as the Jolly Mikaela, the Joker, Mikaela the smiling face but all this happiness is only superficial. I didnt want  people to know that deep inside i am lacking true happiness, that i am opposite of what they really think.

Because of work i totally forgot going to church, reading the bible and even praying. Sadly it was not until i experienced marriage problems that i started to call on to HIM. I started praying again and ate my pride just to save the marriage. I remember my mom, my grandmother she use to talk to us about God and His wonderful plan for our lives. And being a child before it was easy for me to absorb what she shared. At a young age i was exposed to the teachings about Jesus i also regularly went to my family to a lot of activities where the Word of God was preached and studied. As i recall how i was brought up there i realize that i needed to stop running away from Him. The lost of my husband waked me up. I knew i need to stop managing my own life. I need Him in my life and i finally rededicate the  control of my life to HIM. It was one sunday morning after the pastor's sermon that i accepted the fact that my deep commitment to Him is what i needed. Now i know that the true happiness i've been longing will not be met by the idea of controlling my own life.

Because of that one sunday morning i finally gave this up, i got tired of running away from Him, and following my own desires. I decided to turn the control of my life to Him. As i begun to follow Him faithfully, changes just started to come naturally. I begaun changing into a better person, i learned how to face my problems with courage, learned humility, and learned to start trusting God for even my resources believing that He has something great in store for me. I know He has plans to prosper me and i will not be harmed. He gave me hope and future. I am confident that what is happening to my life right now His plan. He is my hope and i know for a certain that i have the gift of eternal life that only He can give.

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