Bronx, USA

The Fear Ending Period.

Living with the truth of my life, has always been the hardest thing I could ever imagine. Learning to not hate, learning to overlook and learning to heal from the inner side of myself out was the hardest task. I managed to remember that I was given a chance to create a better live for myself. I decided that I am a person first and I do know that my life as the right to be an honorable life.

Once I realized and accepted who I am, I began my hopeful journey to a new path of a better life. The greatest movement in my life that made me realize a change needed to become important, was when I looked into the eyes of a monster. A monster that I thought loved, cared and wanted me. I began to understand that this monster had taken everything I knew, felt and desired. The monster had taken away the reality of myself worth.

For many, many, many years, I allowed myself to be abused physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I gave this monster the power to disrespect very aspect of my life. The monster used all of its darkest tricks to keep me in a state of control. Then it happened one day! The monster spoke something that I knew I could never allow myself to endure. I could never allow my life to be meaningless. This gave me the ultimate power to stand up on my feet and fight back.

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