Mary Ann Nathan

Because He Loves Me

Hi, I am Mary Ann, mother of 4 from Malaysia. I am a born Catholic, since I was a child I just followed all the catholic tradition, At the age of 18, I became an atheist, it’s a long story , to cut short, I hated GOD and despised  him because I always believed what others said eg:- the priest, friends & my late mother that GOD IS YOUR FATHER, YOUR BROTHER, YOUR FRIEND & so on…, I felt that He abandoned me & forsaken me at the age where I was coming out in life from my studies. Istopped going to church for 6 years & during that time I told God I can take care of myself & myself & I went out taking control of my life & during that time I did did not go to church & when someone wanted to pray for me , I thought it was not worth it , During that years of atheistism God took me and showed me Heaven & Hell in my dreams, HE even showed me how ANTI CHRIST looked like and how the Anti-Christ enticed people on earth to his side. Even that did not change me, I went through a lot in my life as I’m am only child & my parents died, this was (1) one of many of the reasons I hated god, In fact, even the DEVIL was trying to entice me to his way of life-  yet during that time I felt I did not need GOD or the world to help me and/or pray for me, I only need 3 person in life to be happy - that 3 person was ME, MYSELF & I - I felt Iwas free from obligation to God and was feeling free as the birds in the sky! 

After 6 years, GOD HAD DIFFERENT PLANS for me, Jesus came to me & pulled me back to HIM & changed my whole life. In all honesty, I was not ready to believe in God &/or return to him as a child of God &/or have any relationship with GOD BUT GOD MUST HAVE SAID TO himself "that's it - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO BE MY CHILD AGAIN & I (HE) wanted to have this special relationship BETWEEN US - HE DID IT IN HIS TIME. I asked GOD why He did what He did to me over the year, He said it was not HIM but He did allowed it to happen to me,  so that I can see not at that moment) but only when I have gone back to HIM, he showed how HIS WONDERFUL HANDS WAS ON ME DURING that time of trials, sufferings & persecution & thro' THAT HE WILL MAKE ME A STRONGER PERSON, God also showed me how HE PROTECTED ME during those 6 years of me being an atheist -always protected me, Never allowed me to FALL, only stumble but NEVER FELL. When I recalled those 6 years of life - I saw there was A WARFARE BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL (one to save me & the other to destroy me) & I knew in my HEART that if it was not GOD's protection I could have been in the WORST OF WORST SITUATION! GOD was truly GOD of LOVE because, though I hated him SOOOOOOO much to an extent I was soooooo mean by calling HIM all kinds of names that no one should ever address/call or  Blaspheme God - but I did - actually I was worse than the Pharisees mentioned in the bible - YET GOD WAS SOOO LOVING & GOOD TO ME, I AM SO EVER GRATEFUL TO GOD for HIS GRACE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS & ABOVE ALL FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP HE WANTED TO HAVE WITH ME even though HE was hated, despised, condemned by me for many years & I AM SO OVERJOYED that I AM HIS CHILD whom He never abandoned or forsaken me & NEVER WILL HE do to any of His children. I love HIM soooo much & I wish I had more time given to testify about GOD in my video because TODAY I am SO BLESSED TO HAVE A WONDERFUL HUSBAND, 4 LOVELY DAUGHTERS & A BLESSED LIFE I NEVER DREAMT OF.  I would like to say that I thank GOD for this opportunity to testify about the GREAT GOD WE HAVE BECAUSE IT COULD REALLY GONE WASTED & WOULD NOT HAVE DONE JUSTICE TO MY LOVELY HEAVENLY FATHER IF I DID NOT TESTIFY & I would like to see all of you in POLAND & I AM SURE that how GOD worked in me WILL WORK IN ALL OF YOU IN HIS TIME & IN HIS OWN WAY! Thank you & GOD BLESS

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