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Searching for a Meaning to Life

My view on Life

I figured that if there was no real purpose to my life then it would be perfectly OK for me to do whatever I pleased with it… and yet somehow, I knew that was not right.  


For a long while, my wife and I had talked about life. What was the point? We were happy enough – but there had to be more. More than just having kids, keeping a job, paying the bills,growing old, dying and then… and then what? That was the issue – then what? If there was nothing at all after death then I was definately questioning why I had kids, paid bills, kept a job and so on. "Well, what is the point of life?" – the question seemed even bigger.   When our three children were still quite young my wife and I happened to meet two interesting people. Sue, met a another young mum in the village where we lived and having just started a new job, I met a new work colleague, who was to become a good friend.   

Completely independantly of each other, my wife and I started to find ourselves in conversations with these two new friends (who both turned out to be Christians) about things more important than the bills, the job, the home. About what life was all about. Well who would know that? And they both claimed to know the One who had the answer – Jesus.   Sue listened – and realised she was not a Christian (she had always believed that because she lived in a 'Christian' country and because she was a 'good person' that she was) and so she asked Jesus to come into her life.

When she told me what she had done I went crazy!  I didn't mind a little bit of 'religion' now and then but no way did I want our lives turned upside down because Sue had now gone completely religious.  

So I ranted and raved for a few days and Sue, very wisely, kept the peace util I had calmed down and forgotten all about it. And of course I just thought it had all been a flash in the pan and life would carry on as it had before.  

But God obviously had other ideas because several months later I was invited by my new friend at work to bring my family to his house to have dinner, to meet his family,  and to attend a local church for a special meeting they were going to.  

After a pleasant day spent with his family we all went off to the church where a preacher from the Midlands spoke about Jesus and about how doubting, fearful and faithless disciples were able to respond in faith to God's call. I was troubled, shaken and genuinly moved by this amazing act of faith. After just one word of command from Jesus "Come" – Peter stepped right out of the boat and walked on the water to come to Jesus. Wow!

So, after an appeal from the front for all those who wanted to respond to the call of Jesus my hand went up in the air. To be honest, I never really felt that anything happened at that time but God was obviously touching my heart.  

The following evening I remembered the little booklets I was given the previous night and I read the story of a drowning man who would surely have drowned if he had ignored the the help he was offered – and I realised that I too was going to be lost – to be drowned if I refused the offer of life that Jesus was holding out to me! And I responded.   

I prayed and told God I was sorry for my sin - for all the bad things I had done and for leaving Him out of my life and I invited Jesus to come into my heart and life forever.

The following day back in the office I openly declared what I had done and spent the rest of the day (and many days after that) just floating around almost as if I had little hovercrafts under my feet. When I got home after work that day I burst into the house overflowing with excitement and my wife and I rejoiced together over our new relationship with Jesus.  

How I see things today

Jesus came into my heart and life on October 6th 1985 and for all of the years right up to now, He has never failed in any His good promises to me. He has and continues to meet my every need and I continue to rely wholly upon His grace and mercy.  My marriage has been enriched and Jesus has remained central in the life of me, my wife and our family. Through exciting times and through some very sad and painful times He has blessed us, and kept us, and brought us through. I do not know how we would have gotten through the years without the Lord.    

Find Hope in trusting

Trust Jesus. Do not trust the lie that this world tells you that God is dead or not real. And do not believe that your good enough on your own merit to make it to heaven (none of us are) but believe that paid the price for our sin when He died on the cross, rose from the dead and is alive. Now He wants to do for you what He has done for me and for millions of others who have trusted HIm - to forgive you of sin, to save you, and to give you an assurance of a home in heaven.       

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