Luther Awad

Cairo, Egypt

My double life

My double life

My name is Luther Awad. I was born in a Christian family on December 26, 1965. My father was the head of the Methodist church in Egypt for more than 20 years. He went to be with the Lord in 1995. I am the eldest of 7 brothers and sisters, who are believers.  

We grew up in a Christian family, living on the second floor of the church building. We used to attend all church meetings as the pastor’schildren. When I was 16 years old, they asked me to teach in Sunday School. They assumedthat I was a good believer because I used to play music and sing, as well as I was already the pastor’s son. In fact, I lived a double secret lifewhere I used to have two faces of one coin. I used to look decent and good believer whether in family or church. I used to do whatever it takes to look as a spiritual person. I prayed with family and in church meetings, but I had a private sinful relationships and behavior behind my family and church members. On Sunday the 18th of January 1981, “wow, 33 years ago exactly”, I started my spiritual journey with the Lord as a true believer.

My father was preaching that night to the churchhe said, “You might used to attend or even serve in church. You might live a double face life trying to deceive God and others around you, but God knows everything about you.” Suddenly, I experienced a flashback of my life while singing and praying, then doing evil and sinful things in privacy. I shouted to the Lord saying, “Yes Lord, I am this person whom my father is talking about.” With tears, I committed my life to the Lord that night and started a real new life. Worshiping the lord, singing and playing music in church became totally different than before; family time with god became real; reading the bible became meaningful. 



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