Luminița Cazacu

Chișinău, Moldova

God`s plan for my life.

    My name is Luminița, I was born in southern Moldova (Europe) in a simple family of workers. I have two sisters and a brother. As a child I didn't hear my parents mentioning anything about God. My sisters and I spent summer holidays with grandparents. Grandmother taught us many things from the orthodox religion and rituals. But, I never heard about the personality of God, His love, His grace, the purpose that Jesus died and risen for my sins, even though I saw Jesus crucified every Sunday in church. Although I went to church almost every Sunday, I had normal life, without knowing God personally.

My older sister went to college and there she met a group of young Christians from Campus Crusade for Christ. Shortly after, she came to faith. After two years I went to college too. My sister often used to invite me at church and student meetings. I went there, but I was not open to God. I confuse her faith with a sect. It was not like in the Orthodox church. I remember a day in my sister's student hostel, when the group of young Christians gathered in her room to pray and then went into other rooms to share the gospel. I said to myself, "For nothing in the world I will not to do something like that in my life! It is very humbling to go to tell people about God and His Son, Jesus! "

Then at a meeting, I clearly understood what Jesus made for me and that I needed His forgiveness. Later I was invited to a student conference organized by Campus Crusade for Christ. There I fell in love with the warm and friendly atmosphere created by the students. At that conference I had taken the decision to participate in every event organized by CCC. I was involved in a group of Bible study, events of gospel sharing at student hostels, prayer groups and conferences.

After graduation I became a missionary in Campus Crusade for Christ. I decided to dedicate my time, strength and love for God through this ministry. For me it was important to do it, because I came to faith through people who had dedicated their lives to God.

Later my youngest sister also came to faith and then her husband. Now he is a pastor and mayor in the village where they live. My mother and brother also were not indifferent to God. Now they have a personal relationship with Him. My daddy still opposes.

I have been involved in this organization for fifteen years: eleven years in the ministry with the students and the last four years in Operation team. I`m still continuing to be involved part time with the students’ ministry. The most blessed time that gives me complete joy is when I go to share the gospel to those who seek Him. I'm blessed to serve Him with my life!

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