Linda Lewis

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

God is my strength!

Hi! My name is Linda Lewis. Today I would like to share with you my story. Thirty one years ago when I got married I was a Buddhist. Then I decided to become a Catholic because my husband is a Catholic, I thought that probably I could go to church as a family and share the same faith. Then I had two beautiful children. I brought them up and did my Catholic duties, I took them to Sunday school and completed their Confirmation. At that point in time, my business was doing well, my relationship with my husband was good. We were partying and travelling and we had fun. Then few years down the line, my relationship went sour, my life went crumbling down. My business went down and I went into depression and I sought out my depression by going out with my friends partying but that didnt solve my problems. Then my daughter went to Mission school for five months to study and she was my inspiration, my motivator. I thought maybe God has made her an instrument to reach out to me, to tell me how she has experienced God and from them on, I prayed and spoke to God. I told God all my problems and I am glad today God has given me patience, perserverance and strength. I have been a much better person. Everything is going quite smoothly and I suppose God will work out and give me hope, not in my time but in His time. He will work out everything beautiful for me. Thank you.

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